Jon & Nath met during the 2001 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, when Nath was in a revue show doing a baffling Pierce Brosnan impression, and Jon was doing a solo show with a blow-up sex doll (which he still patches up for sketches like Scalper: Prostitute). Despite this they felt destined to work together. They immediately started writing and filming sketches, and co-founded the 4-man comedy group Vicious Ha-Sa, creating sell-out MICF shows Vicious Ha-Sa: Live in Melbourne and Show & Don't Tell, and the very popular sketch series The Intermissionary Position for Melbourne's Channel 31. Vicious Ha-Sa somehow morphed into boyband '40 Foot Flaccid' who had a near-hit with their only single Show & Don't Tell. When the other two got massive egos and left for their respective lives of Vietnamese cyclo racing and rabbinical studies, Jon & Nath held hands and went on a two-way trip to the MICF in a show called The Moral Dilemma, in which they had philosophical debates which ended in beating each other up to great applause. Fearing a fanatical celebrity, they fled to the UK and discovered the internet, where they continue to produce their own comedy sketches for your pleasure.

Jon & Nath are a passionate writing team, constantly working on scripts in all forms - short sketches, short series, sitcom pilots and full-length stage shows. They write to commission, an example of which is their recruitment video parody series Face Placers. They have been featured on BBC Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack with Nish Kumar.

Jon & Nath are currently booking their live show Jon & Nath Like To Party.

They both live in Hackney and disagree about nearly everything.